Long Time

Well A long time has passed. I am really not wanting to work on this really snowy Martin Luther King Day. But I really should get something done.

time flies
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time passes by

Well It has been a while since i have written anything. Many thing have happened in the a last few months. Well I have been keepin' busy with wedding plans. i was able to make it through the semester with one A- and three A. I am still working on getting my proposal written. It is hard going from writing lots of paper for class to writing lots when summer comes in. But my goal is to get it written by the end of May and then edit in the first part of june. I just need to get it done. I have so many references.

Well wedding plans are going well. it is fun deciding on what colors and different details that I want when I get married. It is exciting to get a luncheon put together.

Well only 18 days left and I am so excited less than three weeks. I just need to keep my head and get things started with understanding the methodologies that I am going to be doing.

Well time flies quickly but that means i am able to keep busy.

spring is finally here

I am so amazed how beautiful it is out side today, and I am stuck inside writing a lab report. there is only one week two days and a few finals left in the semester. Then i can get working really hard on my project. April is really a beautiful month.

Well nothing really special has happened this last month. Easter has come and gone. General conference has come and gone. THe clocks have been changed to day light savings time. Longer evenings ya. and slowly but surly the trees are trying to come out. Salt lake city is really beautiful with all the blossoms on the trees. here in logan they are just starting.

Well I need to get back to my lab report. and tonight is my last IWA meeting I was release as the president last week and I am handing the calling over to my right hand man (my first counselor) Heidi LaBaron. she is going to do really great at this.

I am able to play ultimate frisbee again, I am on an intramural team and we are improving every game. next monday we play again. this time we are going to win.

Live is grand.

and the snow comes down again

this morning was a wonderful day. day light saving is a hard change to make but it is so nice to see the sun after six o'clock.

I woke up to hearing the rain on the roof. the rain was coming down and the next thing I remember is it was snowing. it rained and snowed all day. some times during the day it seemed that the mister was turned on and someone forgot to turn it off.

This evening the sky cleared an tomorrow it will start to warm up.

today was a good day I was able to get a lot done (in the morning that is) the only thing that I regret is trying to start to write my masters proposal. I have all the information but I am having such a hard time starting to write.

However, I was able to give my presentation this morning to my microbiology seminar. the last presentation that I gave was not very good because I chose a topic that I didn't know about. So this time I picked something that I could actual have confidence in presenting. Go figure picking something you want to learn and now a little bit about will help make a better presentation.

Well I was also able to start thinking of a game plan to attack my masters project. I have done a lot of thinking and reviewing so tomorrow I will get to make some final decisions, actually write my proposal, and get to work on something useful. not that what I was doing wasn't useful. i am not going to be a lab rat any more. well when I get that proposal written.

I was able to go to class as well, Institute was very good to day we were able to learn more about jeremiah and his prophecies and the destruction of Jerusalem. It would have been a hard time to live.

I forgot I have a test on Wednesday in physical and chemical processes. I will have to do a lot of study tomorrow.

I am lacking motivation and desire, well i just need to start to run again, even though I am getting tired I need to finish the semester off well. then I can really worry about getting married. I just have to keep up that is all

the sun will come out tomorrow.

Have a great evening and remember work creates a desire and desire helps out work.

spring break

This last week has been such a needed break. Spring break is a life saver a midst my crazy schedule. I have so much to do this is a week I can get caught up with life, and homework.

On saturday last, David and I were able to go to salt Lake to get my sister Deborah. The car drove smoothly on the way down but when we got to midvale just of the freeway ramp my car started to smoke. it was not fun. We got my car to the gas station an popped the hood. Come to find out my upper radiator hose broke. There was a good size break. My dad help us get the hose fixed. I am grateful for both David and my Dad.

I was able to talk to my sister Michelle on the phone about wedding stuff and she was able to help with some of the frustrations I was having about to get married. While driving back I was able to discuss with david why we want to have a reception in salt lake the same day. We discussed having a luncheon and a reception in logan. After we decided I knew exactly where I wanted the different parts of the wedding events.

So we got back on saturday and had a good time with my sister.

Church was really good. it was al ot about missionary work and how we should pray for those who need our help to pray for opportunities to share what we know.

Monday was the funnest day. Deborah and I went shopping for wedding dresses. It is amazing how people can make a difference in buying something in there shop or not wanting to buy. The first girl she was just rude, she didn't even want to help me find a dress. the second store was alright they talked to me more and helped me out until they got to busy.

So then deborah and I took a break and went to get lunch. We went to my favorite restaurant in logan. The Blue Bird. David joined us for lunch. We decide to have our wedding lunching at the blue bird. and to have a mock reception at a park. Mock reception just pictures and to have a few more moments with the family then to leave. we are going to have a reception in salt lake later. But any way, everything started to work out. Deborah and I went to the last place and I ended up buying a dress. it fits almost perfectly. I didn't want to take it off. I am going to love to get married. I love David.

Tuesday I was able to go home and spent Wednesday at home

but now I am back in logan I went to work today. and have a lot of homework to get done.

I am in love and i need to stay focused. but spring break was a needed break only ten weeks until I am married.

what a day

What a day it has been? I have so many things to do and not doing much at the moment. my time seems to be chopped up into little pieces and for each piece of time I can only accomplish so much.

Well I have been engaged now for approximately two weeks, it is exciting and new and I am enjoying knowing that I am going to be with my best friend for the rest of my life. My fiance helps me out so much. He is able to keep me laughing and going even when I don't feel like going forward.

Being engaged is the fun part, but finding all the things that go with getting married are scary and overwhelming. The price of things these day is crazy, but some how I will figure out how to have a cheap but nice wedding.

Also right now I am in the middle of my masters project. My preliminary experiments have been going for about a year now and I am having so many problems it is crazy. But for one thing I am getting a hands on experience for solving problems and asking the right questions to get the problem solved.

I am also involved in a lot of organizations that give me some social life

Any why it is a cold day today, I can't wait for spring to get here to Logan and to melt all the snow. there is just way to much of it.

I have better get back to what I was doing so I can go home and get something to eat. I am at work right now and trying to understand how to weed through over 100 mutants to find the 2 or 3 I can work with to do my project on.

I am excited, scared, but content.
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